Property Management

prpGWRE provides comprehensive asset management services to all property owners, whether a single unit (IPM) or a regional mixed use portfolio. Our focus is on maximizing value for our Clients. The appointment of GWRE ensures a smooth opening or transition, if already being managed. We provide accurate property accounting and reporting and ensure that the regulations governing property are enforced whilst maintaining appropriate service levels.GWRE has an extensive portfolio of properties under management, with a number of these appointments being for a considerable length of time. These assets include:

  • Management of individual properties on behalf of absentee landlords (IPM).
  • Residential Compounds and Towers .
  • Grade A Commercial Towers.
  • Residential apartment blocks associated with hotels

Property Management Services

  • Our portfolio of managed properties is running at an occupancy rate of 96.8 per cent

As a GWRE landlord, you can enjoy all the benefits of our leasing and comprehensive property management services.Receive personal attention from experienced managers, Find quality tenants for short and long-term properties and benefit from the following services to maximize your return on investment.This diagram shows what you can expect from our leasing and property management services.