About Us

about us

We at GREEN WORLD real estate give careful consideration to preserving the value of real estate that we Manage through the interest of the expectations of our customers and a strong focus on the smallest details of maintenance and investment returns for each property separately, and we are working to keep the credibility of the name “GREEN WORLD Real Estate” in conjunction with the high experience, quality, and efficiency in its fields.

GREEN WORLD Real Estate is a leading real estate company established in 2007 according to the Investment Law for the year 2007 and its amendments. This company was incorporated by professionally experienced partners.

The company works in real estate and conducts , operation, development, marketing and maintenance services for all types of real estate, residential, commercial, administrative, as well as real estate consultancy for all types of properties to maximize value and increase revenue as it is undertaking a number of other services services – Buffets – Expansion in the application of security systems for all properties).

The company started working based upon the realization of the scope in residential and commercial real estate and asset in Dubai. GWRE possesses the experience and financial strength to grow in all aspects of the residential and commercial real estate business, providing transactional, advisory and asset services to private, corporate and institutional investors.

GWRE represents a well-funded syndicate of high net worth investors from the continent that wish to purchase high performing businesses and invest in high potential markets for medium tolong term investments.

Although the principal geographic area of operations has been the emirate of Dubai, GWRE has fulfilled assignments for clients throughout the UAE and Pakistan. With integrity and a sound business judgment as the hallmarks of the company, GWRE organizes financial data in an institutional format in order to successfully negotiate and complete each transaction.